Hey. I’m Darren Chapman and I absolutely love performing casual, relaxed, down to earth, custom weddings. My heart is in marriage being successful, happy and a real source of life and strength to you both. So I love to be involved in this important and exciting first stage of people’s journey into marriage. My specialty is in a relaxed and more casual ceremony but not so casual it loses the gravity of the moment. I work with couples on a tailored ceremony that is just what you want.

My ethos: ‘Kindness in everything, dream together, keep it real, love bluntly, talk everything out, make great love, forgive quickly and always be generous.’

The Happy Marriage & Crumb

My wife Beck and I have started a marriage Instagram account called The Happy Marriage because of our passion for happy, successful marriages. We have one but it’s not without hard work, lots of forgiveness and hard conversations and tons of laughter and silliness.
We also run a custom cookie business from home called Crumb and love doing wedding favours.  Check it out 🙂

My Credentials

I’m a religious celebrant credentialed by C3 Church Australia of which I’m also a pastor.
Don’t be put off by that.  Most of the weddings I do are for couples who aren’t very religious.
I enjoy getting to know each couple and helping them tailor their ceremony just right.

The Next Step

The best thing for us to do if you’re interested in my services is for us to meet up over coffee.  Then you can check me out and see if I’m what you’re after.  Head over to the Contact page to send me an enquiry. I’ll be in touch within a couple of days and we can arrange a time to catch up.  Best days for me are Fridays and Saturdays although I can do after work meetings depending on the day.

So if you’re interested in my services as a celebrant I’d be stoked if you chose me.  But we’d also like to help you have a great, happy marriage in the future too.